About AFRL Cymru

AFRL Cymru (Masters) are a serving and veteran Armed Forces team which takes Welsh and qualifying footballers over the age of 35.

To be eligible to play a footballer must satisfy the following:

Armed Forces Qualification (one of the following)

  • Must have served or be serving in any brand of HM Forces
  • Must have be or have been associated as protected by the Armed Forces Covenant.
  • Must have had a parent who served in HM Forces


  • Has received a special invitation to play

Welsh Qualification (one of the following)

  • Must have been born in Wales
  • Has a relative no further than a maternal or paternal grandparent who was born in Wales.
  • Has lived in Wales for 5 or more years.
  • Must have represented a Welsh RL club or pathway team.

Club Crest

The club crest features a lion on the three branch colours of the Armed Forces Red (Army), Navy Blue (Navy) and Sky Blue (RAF). The crest is an original design based on the GB concept.

Club Motto

The club is a charity team and plays to raise awareness for Armed Forces, Veterans and their families. As such the motto of the Club is the old Welsh proverb ''Gwna dda dros ddrwg, uffern ni'th ddwg'' or repay the devil and he will no claim you. 

Coaching and Management

The team is coached by invitation and is considered a honour and a privilege.

Representation Cap

Footballers and team members who participate receive a cap. 

Masters and Shorts

Playing under the masters rules players play in shorts and socks to highlight their age group and at which level of contact they are able or willing to play to.