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It was "the Welsh international that never was". England's opponents on this day in history were the "Other Nationalities", a side open to anyone resident in the UK but didn't qualify for England. The Other Nationalities eventually competed in the European Championships after World War II to add a fourth side to the competition.

However on this occasion, for the first and only time in this side's history, all of the players selected for the Other Nationalities side were Welsh. However the rugby league authorities refused to recognise and rename this as a Welsh international, despite calls at the time to do so.

One of the Other Nationalities players, Wickham Powell, remains as a unique player, one who played for a fully Welsh born side against England, but didn't win a Welsh cap. We have no record of the Other Nationalities captain, but as Gwyn Thomas captained Wales against England just a few weeks earlier, it could have been him.

The report from "Athletic News" on Monday 07 February 1921 is printed below, and as you can see, even they called the "Other Nationalities" side "Wales". Sadly though, officially it wasn't.

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