1. Object The object of the game shall be to ground the ball in the opponents’ in-goal to score tries (see Section 6) and to kick the ball over the opponents’ cross bar to score goals (see Section 6).

2. Start of Play The captains of the two teams shall toss the coin in the presence of the referee. The captain winning the toss shall decide to either kick off or choose which end his team shall defend. The losing captain shall take the other of the alternatives.

3. Mode of Play Once play has started any player who is on side or not out of play can run with the ball kick it in any direction and throw or knock it in any direction other than towards his opponents’ dead ball line (See Section 10 for Knock-on and Forward Pass).

4. Tackling A player who during play is holding the ball may be tackled by an opposing player or players in order to prevent him from running with the ball or from kicking or passing it to one of his own team. (See Section 11 for Tackle).

5. Obstruction A player who is not holding the ball shall not be tackled or obstructed. (See Misconduct).


5. Shoulder Charge If two players are running side by side near to and towards the ball it is permissible for one to charge the other with the shoulder.