1. Shape and Construction The game shall be played with an oval air-inflated ball the outer casing of which shall be of leather or other material approved by the International Board. Nothing shall be used in its construction which might prove dangerous to the players.

2. Size and Weight The dimensions of the ball shall be those approved by the International Board.

3. Ball deflated The Referee shall blow his whistle immediately he notices that the size and shape of the ball no longer comply with the Laws of the Game.


1. Colour of the Ball In senior competitions the ball shall be light in colour so that it can be more easily seen by spectators.

2. Ball bursts If the ball bursts as a player is taking a place kick at goal he should be allowed another kick. If a player grounds the ball for a try and then it is noticed that the ball has burst the try should be allowed. Otherwise, if the ball bursts, play is stopped, the ball is replaced and a scrum is formed to restart play at the point where the ball bursts. The team in possession or last in possession shall have the loose head and the put-in.