A successful of the NWRL both on and off the field enables the League to support and invest in communities and schools, and in the wider game in North Wales, and that is what is at the heart of our game.

The NWRL not only supports the four league clubs but also the masters teams in the Buccaneers and Conwy Cells Women, and the growing need for youth, the women game and disabilities and ALN game.

Community Programmes Strategy from 2022 

The NWRL Communities Strategy is focused on using the reach and appeal of the NWRL and its RFL Clubs to inspire children and young people (5 to 25) to realise their potential.

Four key objectives underpin the strategy: 

  • Building stronger communities where everyone can achieve
  • Enhancing physical and mental wellbeing
  • Developing personal skills and positive relationships
  • Increasing sporting, educational and employment opportunities 

The WRL development strategy for the game in North Wales can be found here.