NWRL is committed to sustainable practice and development across all three pillars of sustainability: social; economic; and environmental.

Rugby League is more than ‘just a sport’. Its social impact – health outcomes, crime reduction, improved education and employment outcomes, volunteering opportunities and improved life satisfaction – is estimated at £185million per year in the English game. We see the potential for this throughout Wales and we will ensure that North Wales benefits. Through its policies, practices and relationships with partners, NWRL will promote and enhance the social impact of Rugby League.

As an area with many communities of high deprivation NWRL are uniquely placed to have strong positive impacts on the lives of people in our communities. Our game, their game. This will evidencing the sense of family and community we have in North Wales, which will have a personal impact and improved self confidence and worth.

Environmental sustainability must be at the heart of all the decisions we make and the actions we take. We will reduce the environmental impact of our activities and encourage our partners to embed environmental sustainability within their own activities.