Sponsors join forces with the team to establish awareness of their brand, through repetition and frequency of messaging across many forms of media and advertising. They use that association to engage with our supporters to try and attract them to become new customers and work alongside our Sales, Marketing and Media teams to mutually agree strategic plans to ensure they achieve the maximum return for their investment. This is achieved by innovative activation of their product or service with key messages delivered through a variety of our communication channels.

We have a clear objective to incorporate them into our family of sponsors to help develop long-term relationships to assist us with our renewal process, this in turn will help us achieve budgeted commercial growth and underpin our recruitment programme across all age groups and in particular to improve the talent pool locally and engage with players from elsewhere to improve the game here in Wales. To also put the best medical support team, coaching set-up and aid in player retention.


The main form and one of the most attractive ways to engage for any brand is to have your logo on the team jersey. 

For more information contact our sponsorship team at Email