About Arfordir RFL

Arfordir RFL are a North Wales Rugby League Pathway team which takes its footballers from the Coast and North West Wales.

Club Crest

The club crest features Owain Gwynedd, King of Wales. A North Wales Prince who was Born in Bangor, Gwynedd and came from the House of Aberffraw (now modern day Ynys Môn). Owain is backed my a Lions and colours of Gwynedd and Ynys Môn. The crest carries a variation of the league motto 'am eich gelyn dywedwch ddim' (of your enemy say nothing).

Coaching and Management

The club falls within the NWRL and WRL pathway system. As well as honouring the footballers with an accolade of representing region, it also identifies and helps footballer selection for North Wales Original and full Welsh international honours.

The team is coached by invitation and is considered a honour and a privilege.